Start dreaming about the wonderful Italian landscape, two sweet lovebirds, an historical monastery and fresh, new and modern settings.

“LA DOLCE VITA: THE NEW ERA” arises from the combination of all this.

The concept is based on the fusion between the classic and the modern, between tradition and innovation, with the aim of creating something new, fresh, unusual and original while still linked to the eternal “Bel Paese” traditions.

This heart-warming story between two young lovers takes place on the Amalfi Coast, a place where every dream can come true.

Mixing up of the city atmosphere with the breathtaking view from the NH GRAND HOTEL CONVENTO DI AMALFI, would never let you imagine anything even more beautiful.
The venue is ancient monastery, now a luxury hotel, suspended between the azure of the sky and the blue of the mediterranean sea.

Everything in this project is linked to one strong keyword: romanticism.

Inspired by the color of the surrounding ambient and their soft yet impactful hues, we went for a rich color palette of dusty blue, rose, peach, ivory and a touch of a modern gold. 
By those shades, we wanted to capture the idea of pastel colors blocking in a polished way with tonal blocks in the florals, tablescape, and paper suite.

This dreamy and romantic wedding inspiration was photographed in film by the talented DANIELE PIERANGELI and his dream team, consisting in Marilia Melato and Alessandro Zucco.

Thanks the wonderful team of MALVARROSA FILM LAB for he amazing dev and scan of the 120 medium format Kodak Professional film rolls.
The cinematographic storytelling is produced by the visionary ALBERTO D’ARIA.

The floral decorations chosen for this project are definitely breaking the rules of tradition in order to propose some new, original and alternate solutions.

In every scenario, the aerial florals do look like suspended as if they were born directly from the sky, touching the floor in order to take the form of a visual effect of great charm.

The creator of those beautiful floral settings is Romina, owner of SARTORIA FLOREALE, with her team made of Michele Del Rosso e Valentina Murasecco.

The ceremony is set in the 12th century cloister, a paradise corner surrounded by white stones where you can breathe the fresh air of the seaside with the astonishing view of the famous Amalfi Coast.

A corner of the cloister was decorated with a breathtaking floral archway made by anthuriums, hydrangeas, Achillea flowers, carnations, quicksand and English roses, lisianthuses and wax flowers, in perfect pastel palette.

The bouquet is romantic and irregular, the stems are left in sight and tied with pastel silk ribbons in different shades.

These lightweight and precious fabrics are made by SILK AND LINEN.

The young married couple in this special occasion wore clothes from the incredible selection of REVENGE ATELIER.

Andrea, with his Mediterranean features, wore an elegant white suit of THOMAS PINA and ANGELO TOMAdesigners.

Elizabeth, the romantic bride, appeared ethereal in her silk dress produced by CORTANA BRIDAL.

She wore a pair of bright heeled shoes in platinum color signed by PENROSE, and as per tradition, the bride is wearing a lingerie set with a precious lace garter finished with pearls from MEGAN THERESE couture collection.

The bride’s look has been made extraordinary by the hand of GIORGIA BERTOLDI MAKE UP ARTIST, who decided to emphasize her icy-eyes with tones of bronze and warm tones of brown.

Completing the makeup, a touch of light pinkish lipstick as well.

The blonde hair has been tied in a soft and sophisticated chignon embellished with a very original headband made with golden threads, white pearls and ribbons.

The accessory has been handmade by the talented GUINEVER VINES.

The romantic wedding ring, is a piece of a private vintage collection and is made of white gold and precious sapphire, kept in a lovely small velvet box by THE MRS BOX.

Instead, the wedding ring chosen by the groom is from the LOVE collection of the CARTIER brand.

The reception was set up in a breathtaking corner of the venue, along a panoramic promenade covered by an incredible natural roof of bougainvillea and overlooking the sea.

Here we find a table with modern marble plates edged in gold, cutlery with a thin and elegant silhouette, crystal goblets with golden finish and linen napkins make you think of the blue color of the sea itself.

The modern metal chairs in gold complete the dinner table setting.

All the details are matching each other like the marble and gold table-number made by the mise en pace same materials.

All the elements adorning the table have been provided by LATINI DESIGN and PRELUDIO NOLEGGIO.

The great suggestion is given by the imposing and extraordinary floral aerial arrangement.

A light metal mesh, still showing the sea in the background, makes the basis for a pastel floral cascade creating continuity between heaven and earth.

Among the flowers we find golden decorated elements and powder blue candles.

All the paper elements that we find in this project have been designed and realized by the extraordinary girls of MISS PRINT OFFICINA GRAFICA.

Particular attention was given to the wedding invitations, embellished with two watercolor drawings representing the landscape of the Amalfi coast and the wedding venue.

These small masterpieces have been designed specifically for us by WATERCOLOR ITALY.

The wedding stationary, from the menu to the place cards, is produced in Amalfi paper to enhance the traditions of the Amalfi coast and completed with the extraordinary silk ribbons made by Silk and Linen.

In order to have all the details related to each other, the fairytale cake recalls the finishing of the Amalfi paper used for the stationary.

In its magnificent in white, ivory and dusty blue colors, is a masterpiece of ROSE CAKES.

Concepts, design and planning are the careful result of the creativity of Giulia Zambon, owner of MOMENTS LAB – WEDDING & EVENT PLANNER, who decided to turn her dream into a concrete project.

Every detail of this project was born from the passion, dedication and madness of all the professionals and friends who took part in it.

Great things are not made by one heart, but by many hearts beating together.

We leave the rest up to your eyes.