Meet Giulia

My name is Giulia and I am an architect.
Unconventionally, my job has led me to pursue the goal of creating dreams instead of buildings or cities.
When I first started the  ‘Moments Lab’ adventure, I wrote a post-it note that says “DREAM”, so every time I sit at my desk it reminds me to never stop looking beyond.
This project is not a casuality: while I was still studying I also kept following my passion for the event planning industry and in particular for the Wedding Design world.

I was born in Latina on a sunny March morning, then I moved to Milan, a city that changed my perspective on things in life and opened my heart.
Years later I started a collaboration with one of the most renowned event planning agencies in Rome. I learnt the dynamics and the secrets of this job, while refining my aesthetic taste and my technical skills.
The experience as an architect has taught me to never stop searching for the perfect balance between a careful and detailed design and the surprise effect, the “unexpected” that can make a special moment unforgettable.
I always follow all the creative and organizational phases of every event I take care of in person, with the help of the best professionals I’ve seen working in the field.
The passion, the experience and the joy of doing a job I love: that’s how Moments Lab was born.

Creativity, positivity and professionalism are the main ingredients that I use on a daily basis to carry out my mission: to make your big day unforgettable