That's Amore Wedding Planner That’s Amore Wedding originates from this concept. A totally Italian project with the intention of celebrating the authenticity of simple and natural things.

We are in Puglia, one of the oldest antique Masserie in the south of Italy: Masseria il Melograno.

A huge building made of white stones. Rich in history which stands out among the secular green olive trees, a place where the  wild nature of our land dominates.

The spring rain of a morning in May makes the colours even softer. The ideal condition which helps give this project a more natural connotation.

To exalt and immortalize this dusty palette the misty sky of Puglia offers us, we find Matteo Lomonte who sees with his eyes and photographs with his heart.

The story of the emotions, on the contrary is thanks to Giuseppe Piserchia’s capable hands.

Concepts, design and planning are the careful result of the talented and creative Giulia Zambon, owner of Moments Lab – Wedding Designer & Event Planner. Giulia has decided to turn a long-term idea into a concrete project.

A bride and a groom decide to make a promise of love in a simple way

Non conventional without renouncing to  elegance and refinery, though.

The bride, a young girl with Mediterranean features wears a dress hand tailored by Andrea Sedici, a promising stylist whose pencil draws real timeless works of art.

The wedding dress we have chosen, Alceste, has a fluid volume , elegant, with a fantastic balance between whispered trasparancy and special layers.

A high necked  wonderful French cotton collar shapes the whole silhouette.

That’s Amore Wedding

The bride’s image  has been accentuated by the hand of Suzana Neziri  Make Up Artist. Suzana has chosen to match  the general mood a  natural make up with warm tones of bronze and gold with her lips illuminated by a nude gloss.

Wavy hair for the ceremony have been carefully tied in a soft chignon by Domenico Floriello of En Beautè Hair Style

The hair style for  this occasion has been enriched with a hairband made of  pearl and golden flowers, in a non conventional style created by Guinever Vines Headpieces.

After the exchange of vows

A more decisive and fresh casual look for the bride has been adopted which leaves the hair soft and loose embellished by an accessory obtained from leaves made of copper and pearl grey dust.

The ceremony is set in the Masseria court, an angle of paradise where the typical vegetation defines the character of the place. Where the secular olivegrove  communicate with the cactuses and the colourful bouganville, like in a painting.

To seal the promise between the bride and the groom, tied to the canvass the original wedding rings Silky made of red gold and finished  with a light  sanding  purposely realized for the occasion by White and Gold.

Floreal decorations chosen for the outdoor ceremony seem as if it is blossoming from the light gravel path of the Masseria, uninterruptedly with the secular olive trees which define the scenery.

The amount of flowers and the floral decorations are projected by Annalori Blasi and result as being delicate and made up of the most part by field flowers and local plants.

The bouquet is romantic and irregular, with few flowers and lots of green leaves, the stems are left in view and tied with fine straw, as if it has just been picked.

Together with the plants and the brown wood we have placed antique lilac Peonies and shades of peach  tulips. As a symbol of pureness, simplicity , sweetness and romanticism.

The reception starts off in an internal stone walled room inside the Masseria

An old wall with light coloured stones creates a scene to a delicate tableau. Wedges made of decorated porcelain following the pugliese tradition produced by Carella Ceramiche invite the guests to take their place.

A table in light coloured wood is enriched by an elegant Mise en place oro by Ies Apulia Eventi mixed with ornaments in delicate shades and fine table-napkins in chiffon.

The menu just like all the other elements of the Wedding Stationary are realized by Wedding Planner – Moments Lab – Wedding Designer & Event Planner – on natural paper for watercolour paints.

The theme of the design is  green cactus and antique pink enriched by a green silk ribbon by Allegoria Textile Delights.

As a souvenir for the guests we leave a sweet reminder on a typical white wooden stall which has set up by Clotilde Pisapia Cake Designer.

Important wedding cake is decorated with classical elements in the traditional pugliese style. The cake topper is chosen for the occasion and created by Le Bianche Margherite, and is a unique twisted twine forming the words “that’s Amore” a motto chosen for its special meaning including the kind of love in which we believe.

The collaboration of a real group of professionals/friends have made all this possible: nothing can be done alone but everything can be done together.

We leave the rest to your eyes.

That’s Amore Wedding