bachelorette party Momentslab WeddingWhen you hear the words “bachelorette party,” many things come to mind: trips to faraway cities, themed party, a lot of drinking, and a LOT of cash spent.

But contrary to what movies and TV might show you, some of the best, most memorable bachelorette parties didn’t require expensive hotels or flights to exotic locations.

Bachelorette Party: make it special!

Planning a bachelorette celebration on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun.

In fact, if you put a little creativity into the planning, it could mean quite the opposite.

You don´t need a weeding to have gorgeous images taken!

The era of the alternative bachelorette party is (thankfully) here

There are plenty of unconventional and awesome way to spend your time with your oldest & dearest friends!

“Le Amiche della Sposa”

Photography allows you to capture a significant moment and stop time. “Le amiche della Sposa” was born from this, from the desire to eternalize an important moment of your friendship close to one of the most magical events for the bride-to-be. The photo shoot will be tailored, from time to time, on you.

We will start from a theme dear to you or from a place of the heart to create a set that represents you and makes you dream, creating fittings and accessories to make your photos always original.

Discover “Le amiche della Sposa”