When two gorgeous sweet souls come together, awesome things happen!
Add natural dunes to the coast, breathtaking views, a sea breeze and natural decorations and the result of a one-of-a-kind beach party is guaranteed.
This is the story of Samuel and Paolina, a very loving couple who decided to celebrate their anniversary in an unconventional way.
The imposing dunes, in an amazing seascape area not far from Rome, create the most wonderful natural backdrop for their important day.
To enhance the beauty of this unrefined place, we have created a simple and relaxing atmosphere.
On the sand we laid out a large light pink lace carpet with pillows, the wooden table was decorated with natural elements, light and transparent fabrics combined with gold-colored details.

What could be more picturesque than rolling sand dunes matched with blue skies, suggestive panorama, soft tones and delicate textures?

Candles and pampas, of course!
After toasting and tasting some sweets, the couple strolled along the shore, allowing themselves a bath during under the warm golden light of the sun.
At the end of the portrait session On the beach, creating the most amazing scenes in such a magical natural location,
they climbed the dunes to celebrate their love in a romantic setting illuminated by the soft light of candles.

Inspired by the sea and natural beauty of the beach, this vow renewal was unconventional in all the best ways and made our hearts completely melt.

Sometimes simplicity is the secret ingredient to celebrate love!


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