Combining water, florals and beauty, everything of this project make you think of Botticelli’s paintings.

We are in “Garden of Ninfa”, not far from the ethernal Rome.

Are you looking for an exclusive and timeless place?

This can be one of your best choices, definitely.

Built on the ruins of the medieval town of Ninfa in the Pontine Marshes (Agro Pontino), has been classified by the New York Times as one of the most beautiful and romantic gardens in the world.

The bride is a sophisticated girl with very long ginger hair.

No other wedding dress would have been suitable for this photo shoot if not the one worn by her.

It was characterized by a soft line and transparent precious lace, which allowed a glimpse of the complexion.

The groom, with Mediterranean features, wore an elegant tailored blue suit.

They celebrated their love in a hidden corner of the garden where a semicircular altar has been set up.

The style of this altar establishes a beautiful and intimate space for exchanging vows, without hindering the view of natural beauty.

Symbolically, we can call this the ‘circle of love’.

After the ceremony the young couple toasted romantically tasting delicacies in a velvet sofa surrounded by pastel flowers mixed with gold elements.

The cake in shades of green is a celebration of the nature, gold veins add a touch of elegance.

Everything in the background is poetic and magical.

Botanical, dreamy, ethereal, this styled shoot was inspired by the power of the nature and defines the new features of the “fine art wedding” world.